• Introducing Social Targeting

    Stand out from the competition by providing location-intelligent retargeting audiences that neither Facebook nor your competitors can offer.


    Build campaigns utilizing GridQuire Labs entire network of mobile audiences. Reach people who visit your clients’ locations, or the locations where they buy your clients’ products, or even visit competitive locations.

  • Social Targeting Powered by GridQuire Labs

    In addition to Brands & Agencies - Social Targeting is Also Great For...

    Media Companies/Broadcasters

    Facebook’s scale and sophisticated targeting capabilities pose a significant threat to local sales teams’ ability to earn advertiser attention and interest.


    By using Social Targeting, digital sales teams put themselves back in the conversation. They’re empowered to work alongside Facebook by bringing unique audiences only they can generate, instead of competing head-to-head.

    App Publishers

    Using location to find people with a high propensity to download your app is an underutilized, but increasingly important, customer acquisition strategy.


    Social Targeting allows app publishers to find the locations that their audience visit mosts. Build audiences to reach all other devices visiting those locations for highly targeted customer acquisition campaigns.

  • How We Protect Consumer Privacy

    Our business is built around turning anonymized mobile location data into audience segments. From the beginning, we’ve built end-user privacy into our company culture and products. We’ve been and continue to be transparent about this, what data we collect, why we collect it, and how our customers use the data. We’re a part of mobile location advertising industry, which BIA Kelsey forecasts to be a $29.5B industry by 2020.


    We frequently hear and understand the concern around tracking mobile location. We take this very seriously. The data we collect is always anonymized and grouped into audience segments, like beverage drinkers or frequent fliers. We offer no product or service that permits anyone to see an individual device’s location data.


    We follow all app store guidelines, honoring all device level and app level opt-outs and permissions. If someone chooses the operating system level “do not track” or “limit ad tracking” functionality, we stop collecting data from that device and prevent any further data collection from it. We also provide the ability for anyone to opt-out of data collection by GridQuire Labs and our trusted partners by contacting us directly.


    We work alongside our customers, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), and the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) to ensure we’re following their best practices around location data collection.

    We always welcome new conversations around the mobile location ecosystem and protecting privacy. The increased transparency means we will have more honest conversations about the topic, and therefore create more trust in the industry.

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