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    GridQuire Labs is a leading data and technology provider that powers critical business and marketing investment decisions with location intelligence, smart data, and advanced visualization insights.


    With GridQuire Labs, now brands of all shapes and sizes can unlock opportunities within the prospect journey by learning about and connecting with location intelligence and applying insights that drive intelligent marketing investment and successful business outcomes.


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    Sales Enablement

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    Broadcasters, Rightsholders, Publishers and Agencies leverage our platform for sales enablement.

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    We help enterprises enhance their strategy and achieve business goals through customized location intelligent insights and visualizations

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  • We compete on passion, technology excellence, speed and ability to anticipate the needs of a rapidly changing industry. Our unique company culture, based on our core values of innovation, efficiency, and respect provide advertisers with high quality customers and help media publishers monetize their assets through proprietary technology worldwide.

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    BIG news to share! We’ve been selected as one of the 22 startups in the BridgeCommunity’s 2017 program cohort. To say we’re thrilled would be an extreme understatement. This program connects us to Fortune500’s looking to partner and pilot with startups to solve their most pressing issues. The...
    ATLANTA – (July 9th, 2017) GridQuire Labs is a recipient of a $5,000 grant and a semi-finalist in the annual Atlanta Metro Export Challenge (Atlanta MEC), a grant competition supported by JPMorgan Chase, UPS and Partnership Gwinnett, which boosts support for small and medium-sized businesses...
    There’s been a lot of talk about immigration in the recent months. Some of it constructive, but a lot of it emotional and misguided, in my opinion. Here’s where I come from: I’m a CEO in a field — technology — that has benefitted greatly from the contributions of immigrants. And I’m the...
    This month I was invited to have a call with a former professional athlete. This former, very well known and amazing athlete was looking to monetize his brand post retirement from the league. Somehow, the connection thought I would have some valuable ideas. The call was going well and everyone on...
    February 6, 2017
    Why am I an Atlanta Falcons fan? And why did Super Bowl LI hurt so much? It’s not because I was out there on the field playing. You would have noticed, trust me. It’s not because I have a financial investment in the team. Unless you consider buying official team fan gear an investment.  And...
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