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I'm From Here

by Andy Katz, CEO of GridQuire Labs

Why am I an Atlanta Falcons fan? And why did Super Bowl LI hurt so much?

It’s not because I was out there on the field playing. You would have noticed, trust me.

It’s not because I have a financial investment in the team. Unless you consider buying official team fan gear an investment. 

And it’s not just because I loved watching my three little girls rallying waaaaay past their bedtime in their eye black and Falcons jerseys.

Nope. It’s simpler than that. And, at the same time, so much more complicated.

It’s because I’m from here. Just like all the other people watching from Blue Ridge to Valdosta and everywhere in between. I’m from here.

And, as long as there have been humans, this much is true: WHO you are is WHERE you are.

I’m in Atlanta. Some of my dear friends are in Boston. And each of us had very different nights. Very different halves, even. Just because of where we are.

The rest of the country could sit back and enjoy what — all hometown rooting aside — was an amazing fourth quarter and beyond. But those of us in Massachusetts and Georgia could not relax for one minute. Alone among Super Bowl watchers, we used commercial breaks to run to the loo or walk the dog. But during the game, we watched. Because it mattered.

Because of where we are.

Even if we were in Kansas or Cozumel or Katmandu, it mattered. Because, even when we’re not here, even when we’re somewhere else for a while, we’re here.

And WHO you are is WHERE you are.

When I’m browsing the aisles of my local store, I’m not just some random guy. I’m a shopper, comparing prices on my phone. When I’m sitting in the emergency room waiting my turn, I’m an educated patient taking action, researching the dangers, risk and recovery time for whatever the condition may be. When I’m relaxing in the mountains for a week, I’m not just recharging, I’m also an active vacation planner for the next getaway, saving ideas on the iPad for my better half to nix or approve.

We all make choices — or choices get made for us — that put us in specific places at specific times. And whenever that happens, big or small, your identity, my identity, everybody’s identity, changes in tiny or profound ways.

I’m a book shopper

I’m a worshipper

I’m a college parent

I’m thinking about assisted living

I’m a DIY home-improver

I’m a fan.

Where you are matters so much. Whether you were born in Georgia or just moved here a couple years ago, your home address matters. And, as crazy as it sounds, how you feel today may just be tied the performance of a collection of athletes that will never all play together on the same team again. Not because you’re a total football geek — though some of us are — but because of one simple, undeniable fact.

We’re from here. And WHO you are is WHERE you are.

#RISEUP next season in The Benz!

- - - 

The real estate people have had it right for years: Location is everything. That’s why we formed GridQuire Labs: To help consumers and businesses meet over their common interests as expressed through location. Starting this week, I and my team will be bringing the story of how location — where you are — and identity — who you are — are forever linked. And how modern mobile advertising technology is finally allowing businesses and consumers to benefit from that truth.

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